And I can’t forget the salad with homemade strawberry balsamic dressing, fresh fruit and Boursin cheese. 😁
Soooo @brandonjday and I KILLED it in the kitchen tonight.  Zucchini noodles, red pepper basil quinoa topped with bacon, sautéed veggies, grilled salmon with a brown sugar soy sauce marinade and savannah seasoning. This was so seriously one of the most delicious meals I’ve eaten recently.


*Trigger Warning*
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Also my mom is in rehab right now and you’d  think that would keep me from starting to make poor life decisions but for some reason all i wanna do lately is drink. I don’t know how else to run away and be happy for a minute.

I still find myself fighting horrible thoughts every day. I feel twice as alone in it now because people think I’m better, I’m happy, I’ve changed.  I couldn’t just change I guess. I know it’s a problem and I’m trying to keep it under control, but i think i need help and now it is only harder to bring it up and talk about it.

Favs. #grilledcheese
Halloween is less than two months away!!!!! #tbt 🎃👻
I had 20 years sober before I relapsed. It’s trying to fill the hole. It’s fear. You know, I was shameful. You do stuff that causes [self] disgust, and that’s hard to recover from. You can say, ‘I forgive you’ and all that stuff, but it’s not the same as recovering from it. -

Robin Williams

In a 2006 interview he described his experience with alcoholism, the emptiness inside, his inability to self forgive and to love himself.

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Alcohol tastes better than the thought of you and her - 10 word story (L.V.K.)

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i want to talk to you but i don’t want to be annoying do you see my problem

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